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kennedy's life work was not to champion the cause of those with wealth, power or special connections. it was to give a voice to those who were not heard, to add a rung to the ladder of opportunity. to make real the dream of our family. he was given the gift of time that his brothers were not and he used that gift to touch as many lives an write as many wrongs as the years would allow. we can still hear his voice bellowing through the senate chamber, a convertible force of nature in support of healthcare, or workers rights or civil rights. and yet, as has been noted, while his causes became deeply personal, his disagreements never did. while he was seen by his
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fiercest critics as a partisan lightning rod, that is not the prism through which ted kennedy saw the world, nor was it the prism through which his colleagues saw ted kennedy. he was a product of an age when the joy and nobility of politics prefshlted differences of party -- prevented differences of party from becoming barriers of cooperation and mutual respect. a time when adversaries still saw each other as patriots. atest legislature of our time. he did it by huing the principle, yes, but also by seeking compromise and common cause. not through deal making and horse trading alone, but through friendship and kindness and humor. there was a time he courted orrin hatch for support of the children's health insurance program by having his chief of staff sarenade the senator with
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a song owner had written himself. the time he delivered sham rock cookies on a china plate to sweeten up a crustty republican colleague. the famous story of how he won the support of a texas committee chairman on an immigration bill that he walked into a meeting with a plain manila envelope and showed only the chairman that it was filled with the the dsmen's favorite signature gars. when the negotiations were going well, he would inch the envelope close tore the chairman. when they weren't, he would pull it back. before long, the deal was done. it was only a few years ago on st. patrick's day when teddy button hold me on the floor of the senate for support of a certain piece of legislation. i gave my pledge but i expressed skepticism that it would pass. when the roll call was over, the bill garnered the votes that it needed and then some.
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i looked at teddy with astonishment. how had he done it? he just patted me on the back and he said, luck of the irish. of course, luck had little to do with ted kennedy's legislative success. he knew that. a few years ago, his father-in-law told him that he and daniel webster just might be the two greatest senators of all times. without missing a beat, teddy replied, what did webster do? but though it is teddy's historic body of achievements that we will remember, it is his giving heart that we will miss. he was a friend and a colleague who was always the first to pick up the phone and say, i'm sorry for your loss. or i hope you feel better. or what can i do to help?
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it was the boss so adored by his staff that over 500, spanning five decades, showed up for his 75th birthday party. it was a man who sent birth day wishes and thank you notes and even his own paintings to those that didn't know that somebody of his stature would think about them. i have one of those paintings. a cape cod sea scape that was a gift to a freshman legislature who had just arrived in washington and happened to admire it when ted kennedy welcomed him into his office. that, by the way, is my second gift from teddy and vicky after our dog bo. and it seems like everyone has one of those stories, the ones that often start with, you wouldn't believe who called me today. ted kennedy was the father who
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looked not only after his own three children but john's and bobby's as well. he took them camping, taught them to sail, he laughed and danced with them at birthdays and we haddings, cried and mourned with them through hardship and tragedy. and passed on that same sense of service and self-lessness that his parents had instilled in him. shortly after ted walked carol line down the aisle and gave her away at the at tar, he received a note from jackie that read, on you the care-free youngest brother, fell a burden a hero would have begged to have been spared. we're all going to make it because you are always there with your love. not only did the kennedy family make it because of ted's love. he made it because of theirs. especially because of the love and the life he found in vicky. after so much loss, and so much
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sorrow, it could not have been easy for ted to risk his heart again. and that he did is a testament to how deeply he loved this remarkable woman from louisiana. and she didn't just love him back as ted would often acknowledge vicky saved him. she gave him strength and purpose, joy and friendship, and stood by him always. especially in those last hardest days. we cannot know for certain how longe have here. we cannot foresee the trials or misfor tunes that will test us along the way. we cannot know what god's plan is for us. what we can do is to li out our lives as best we can with purpose, with love, and with joy. we can use each day to show those who are closest to us how much we care about them.
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and treat others with the kindness and respect that we wish for ourselves. we can learn from our mistakes and grow from our fail yrs. and we can strive at all costs to make a better world so that some day, if we are blessed with the chance to look back on our time here, we know that we spent it well, that we made a difference, that our fleeting presence had a last combgpabt on the lives of others. this is how ted kennedy lived. this is his legacy. he once said, as has already been mentioned, as his brother bobby, that he need not be idealized, so enlarged in death, because what he was in life, and i imagine he would say the same about himself. the greatest expectations were placed upon ted kennedy's shoulders because of who he was. but he surpassed them all
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because of who he became. we do not weap for him today because the prestige attached to his name or his office. we weep because we loved this kind and tender hero who persevered through pain and tragedy, not for the sake of ambition or vanity, not for wealth or power, but only for the people and the country that he loved. in the days after september 11th, teddy made it a point to personally call each one of the 177 families of this state who lost a loved one in the attack. but he didn't stop there. he kept calling and checking up on them. he fought through red tape to get them assistance and grief counseling. he invited them sailing, played with their children, and would write each family a letter whenever the anniversary of that terrible day came along. to one widow he wrote the
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following. as you know so well, the passage of time never really heals the tragic memory of such a great loss. but we carry on because we have to. because our loved ones would want us to. and because there is still life to guide us in the world from the love they gave us. we carry on. ted kennedy has gone home now. guided by his faith and by the light of those that he has loved and lost. at last he is with them once more, leaving those of us who grieve his passing with the memories he gave, the good that he did, the dream he kept alive, and the single enduring image, the image of a man on a
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boat, white mainedtussled smiling broadly as he sails into the wind ready for whatever storms may come. carrying on toward some new and wond russ place just beyond the horizon. may god bless ted kennedy and may he rest in eternal peace. [applause] >> let us pray.
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lord, god, your son jesus christ gave us the sackment of his body and blood to guide us on our pilgrimmage way to your kingdom. may our dear friend ted who shared in the eucharist come to the ban quiet of life christ prepared for us. we ask this through christ our lord. amen. and his eminence cardinal shawn o'malley will conduct the final commendation. >> mr. president, we thank you for your presence and for your words of appreciation. for the life and work of
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senator kennedy. we have gathered here today to pray for a man who has been such an important part of our history and our country. we are here because ted kennedy shared our belief in prayer and in eternal life. vicky and the family surrounded ted with love at the end of his life and gave us all an example of love and compassion in the face of suffering and death. we die with dignity when we are surrounded by love and such care. and now let us commend ted's soul to god's loving mercy. before we go our separate ways,
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let us take leave of our brother. may our fair we will express our affection for him. may it ease our sadness and strengthen our hope. one day we shall joyfully greet him again when the love of christ which conquers all things destroys even death itself.
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into your hands, father of mercies, we commend our brother edward in the sure and certain hope that together with all who have died in christ we shall rise with him on the last day. we give you thanks for the blessings which you bestowed upon edward in this life. they are signs to us of your goodness and of our fellowship with the saints in christ. merciful lord, turn toward us h h merciful lord, turn toward us and listen to our prayers.
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open the gates of paradise to your sorrows and help us who remain to comfort one another with assurances of faith until we all meet in christ and are with you and with our brother forever. we ask this through christ our lo lord. >> amen. >> in peace let us take our brother to his place of rest.
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♪oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesties above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crown-high
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good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. oh beautiful for heroes pride in liberating strife who more than self their country loved and mercy more than life, america, ameri america, may god till all success be nobleness and every ♪undimmed by human tears
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ameri america, america god shed his grace on thee and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea♪ ♪
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. >> a motorcade carrying the casket made its way to arlington national cemetery to the capitol building. he was laid to rest next to his brothers john and robert. this money is half an hour.
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>> there's a certain fittingness at having a burial at the dying of the day because we know that the sun will come back again tomorr tomorrow. and, as we think of teddy, we know that his new life begins. and as we look at this great family, we are sure that new life is already beginning and that new great things are happening. mr. vice president, vicki, members of the family, it is for all of us a very special time in
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our own lives, in your life, and in the life of our country. so, we begin in the name of the father and of the son and of the holy spirit. amen. we gather to pray for edward moore kennedy that god may bring him to ever lasting peace. we share the pain of loss but the promise of eternal life gives us hope and we comfort one another with these words. kara. >> i read from the letter of paul. our citizenship is in heaven.
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we will change our lowly body to conform with his glorified body with a power that enables him to bring all things into shimself. >> thanks. may i for just a moment be the voice of so many all around the world to pay a final tribute to nor ted kennedy and to offer our heartfelt condolence to his wife vicki, his sister jean, his children and grand children, and to all the kennedy family, as also to that extended family that must probably include most of america. may i also add a word that we who are privileged to watch the very beautiful funeral mass this morning had to be touched by the
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wonderful part in that liturgy played by the younger generation of kennedys, the warm and very personal tribute in the he will -- in the elegies of teddy's sons and warmth and friendship of the president of the united states. that together with the splendid homily of father hession made our farewell unforgettable. on learning of his death last wednesday morning tributes to his half century of leadership in american life and politics, may i offer my own short one again. they called him the lion of the senate and that is what he was. his roar and his zeal for what
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he believed made a difference in our nation's life. sometimes, of course, we who were his friends and have great affection for him would get mad eig at him when he roared at what we believed was the wrong side of an issue. but we always knew and were always touched by his passion for the rights of younger people, for better education, adequate healthcare for every american. his legacy will surely place him among the dozen or so greats in the history of the senate of the united states. shortly before he died senator kennedy wrote a very moving letter to the holy father and took advantage of the historic visit to the vatican of president obama to ask the president if he would deliver it personally, which mr. obama gladly did. a couple of weeks later the pope replied with a fatherly message
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of concern for the senator's illness and prayer for his progress. when vicki and i and others began to talk about the organization of this brief service, the thought emerged of icing part of these two -- using these two letters to commemorate the faith of ted kennedy and warm and paternal spirit of pope benedict xvi. i want to quote from that letter. it begins "most holy father i asked president obama to personally happened deliver this letter to you as a man of deep faith himself, he understands how important my roman catholic faith is to me and i am so deeply grateful to him. i hope this letter finds you in good health. i pray that you will have all of god's blessings as you lead our church and inspire our world during these challenging times. i'm writing with deep humility
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that i ask that you pray for me. i was diagnosed with brain cancer more than a year ago and although i continue treatment the disease is taking its toll on me. i'm 77 years old and preparing for the next passage of life. i have been blessed to be part of a wonderful family and both of my parents, particularly my mother, kept our catholic faith at the center of our lives. that givft of faith has sustaind and provided solace to me in the darkest hours. i know that i have been an imperfect human being, but with the help of my faith i have tried to right my path. i want you to know that in my nearly 50 years of elective office i have done my best to champion the rights of the poor and open doors of economic opportunity. i have worked to welcome the
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immigra immigrant, to fight discrimination, and expand access to healthcare and education. i have opposed the death penalty and fought to end war. those are the issues that have motivated me and been the focus of my work as a united states senator. i also want you to know that even though i am ill i'm committed to do everything i can to achieve access to healthcare for everyone in my country. this has been the political cause of my life. i believe in a conscience protection for catholics in the health field and will continue to advocate for it. as my colleagues in the senate and i work to develop an overall national health policy that guarantees healthcare for everyone. i have always tried to be a faithful catholic, your holiness. and though i have fallen short through human failings i have
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never failed to believe and respect the fundamental temperaturings of my -- teach g teachings of my faith. i at this point to pray for g god's blessing and would be most thankful for your prayers for me." two weeks later the reply came back from the vatican. in part it read as follows. the holy father has read your alert that you entrusted to president obama. he was saddened to know of your ill and asked me to assure you of his concern and his spiritual closeness. he is particularly grateful to your promise of prayers for him and for the needs of our universal church. his holiness prays that in the days ahead you may be sustained in faith and hope and granted the precious grace of joyful surrender to the will of god our merciful father.
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he invokes upon you the consolation and peace promised by the risen savior to all who share in his sufferings and trust in his promises of eternal life. commending you and your family the holy father imparts his blessing as a pledge of wisdom, comfort and strength in the lor lord." that is the end of the quotation. with the prayers of our holy father pope benedict we entrust the body of edward moore kenn y kennedy, senator ted, to his resting place until the lord calls us forth to the end of time, amen. lord jesus christ by your own three days in the tomb you hallowed the graves of all who believe in you and made the
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grave a sign of hope that promises resurrection. even as it claims our mortal bodies. grant that our brother may sleep here until you awaken him in glory. for you are the resurrection and the life. then he will see you face to face and in your light will see light and know the splendor of god where you live and reign forever and ever. amen. i will ask the father who is an old friend of the family to do the intercessions. he will be saying prayers and then adding "lord in your mercy." our response is, "lord, hear our praye prayer." >> lord in your mercy, lord hear our prayer. gracious lord, first we forgive the sins of those who died in christ. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> remember all the good they
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have done. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> welcome them into eternal life. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> let us pray for those who mourn, comfort them in their griff. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> lighten sense of loss with your presence. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> increase their faith, strengthen their hope, lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> let us pray also for ourselves and our own pilgrimage through life. keep us faithful in your service. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. >> kindle in our hearts a longing for your kingdom of justice and peace. a longing for heaven. lord in your mercy. >> hear our prayer. in the assure and certain hope
6:49 am
of the rest sr. recollection of eternal life we commend to almighty god our brother ted. we commit his body to the ground, earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. may the lord bless him and keep him, may the lord make his face to sheen upon him and be dwrashs. may the lord lift up his cou countenance upon him and give him peace. let's join in praying that prayer jesus taught us. our father who art in hefrp hi kingdom come this will be done on earth as it is hefrp. give us this detaay our daily bd as we forgive those who trespass against us. lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil. and now i will say again the prayers that his eminence
6:50 am
cardinal o'malley ended the act of commend atiation because thee fitting for this moment as well. before we go our separate ways let us take leave of our brother ted. may all express our affection for him. may it ease our sadness and strengthen our hope. one day we shall greet him again and the love of christ destroys even death itself. into your hands father of mercy we commend our brother ted in the sure and certain hope that together with all who have died in christ he will rise with him on the last day. we give you thanks for the blessings which you bestowed upon him in this life. they are signs to us of your goodness and you're fellship with the saints in krooegs. merciful lord listen to our prayers, open the gates of paradise for your servant and help us who remain to comfort
6:51 am
one another with assurances of faith until we meet in christ and are with you and with our brother teddy forever. we ask this through christ our lord. >> amen. let us bow our ahead and pray for god's blessing. merciful lord you know the anguish of the sorrowful. you are tenantive to the prayers of the humble. hear your people who cry out and strengthen their hope in oyour lasting goodness. we ask this through christ our lord. >> amen. >> may the peace of god which is beyond all understanding keep your hearts and minds in the knowledge of love of god and his sop our lord skreefrs christ.
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may -- jesus christ. may god bless you, the father, the son and the holy spirit. >> amen. >> and now i know that four of teddy's grabbed childrndchildre to come and be with us and say something about grandpa.
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. >> this morning, the former president of the canadian medical association on his country's health-care system. then, this author talks about escaping the cage,. a presidential, then, discussing

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